The Parlay: Firesong

Curated by Yolanda Wisher & V. Shayne Frederick

At the center, a male performer stands with arms outstretched, he wears a red and black blazer and a black fedora. Warm fairy lights illuminate the scene and hang from a large bare tree in the background. Heat lamps surround the crowd, keeping them warm in the foreground.
Two onlookers, a man and woman, both wearing eye glasses, glad in warm coats.
A group of three performers stand on an elevated platform, surrounded by warm fairy lights. In the foreground a crowd watches on. One performer is holding an upright bass, while flanked by two others holding microphones.
A performer with red hair and eyeglasses plays her harmonica. She's wearing a warm white, fuzzy jacket. A heating lamp keeps her warm in the background.
Set at night, on the left musicians perform on top of an elevated stoop surrounded by heat lamps. On the right the crowd looks on, bathed in a warm orange light.
A male musician sits and plays the guitar.
In the foreground, Yolanda Wisher stands in front of a microphone reading notes of a piece of paper in her right hand. Behind her, two performers, one man holding an upright bass and a woman with red hair and a white jacket plays the harmonica.
A warm scene after sunset in the backyard of the Rosenbach museum. A large tree with bare branches overhangs on the stage. To the right the performers stand on an elevated stoop, on the left the crowd is warmed by heat lamps.
Two performers at night. On the left a male singer holds a microphone; he is clad in a plaid red and black blazer and wearing a fedora. On the right, a female musician plays the harmonic. She has eyeglasses, red hair and wears a white fuzzy coat.

The Parlay is a seasonal series of music performances in public spaces during happy hour, co-curated by Curator of Spoken Word Yolanda Wisher and vocalist/musician/arranger V. Shayne Frederick. At indoor and outdoor locations around the city, Frederick will converse and perform with a diverse cast of musicians over cocktails provided by Art in the Age. Attendees receive two drink tickets, a limited edition keepsake, and a curated playlist.

Firesong, the second event in the series, will take place at The Rosenbach featuring Frederick (vocals), Ben Karp (guitar), Carol Moog (harmonica), and Justin Sekelewski (bass). The event will start inside on the first floor of the Rosenbach with warming drinks provided by Art in the Age. The crowd will move outdoors to the Rosenbach garden for performances that will consider the melancholic pleasure and liberatory ritual of saying goodbye and good riddance. Come out to be warmed by drink, music, and good company around this campfire of the soul. Dress warmly as some portion of the program will take place outdoors with heat lamps. 

Health and Safety 

Visitors and program attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination along with their photo ID at the front desk. We will accept your original CDC issued card or a photo. In addition to our proof of vaccination mandate, masks are now required to be worn on the premises at all times except when eating or drinking.