Love Jawns: A Mixtape

Curated by Yolanda Wisher

Person walking in front of a mural on a brick wall
Two people sitting beside each other in thought
Two people sitting and leaning on each other, shown from a low angle with the sky behind them
Silhouetted people playing a standup bass and trumpet
Hands writing in a notebook in a car

Love Jawns: A Mixtape (LJAM) is a soundtrack for your everyday commuting and daydreaming pleasure. Three Philly poets share a poem. A DJ stitches them together with musical interludes. 

What’s a jawn, you ask? The word jawn is Philly slang. It’s a utility word that can mean one thing or all things. As in, Where did you buy that jawn? or That jawn was tough or This podcast is the jawn! Descendant of joint, the word jawn connects dots and forms a bond between speakers. It’s a word that requires you to listen and decipher, listen and distill. It’s in the dictionary, but it lives in the back of the throat, in the laughing notes of the city. 

​Each episode of LJAM, each poem is a jawn that we hope will be the jawn, your jawn—the one you love to hear. Take a listen below.

Podcast Episodes

love jawns mini mix cover that says "Love Jawns + Fabric Workshop & Museum presents Jonathan Lyndon Chase: Big Wash"

Big Wash Mini-Mix

a love jawns mini mix playlist cover that says "Love Jawns Fall Mini Mix featuring Cydney Brow, Mia Concepcion, Wes Matthews, a collaboration with #VoteThatJawn"

Fall Mini Mix

a love jawns playlist cover that says "Summer Jawn Freedom Songs"

Summer Jawn

A Love Jawns Mini Mix that says "PSA 2020 May 29, This is still america, you doubt what I'm sayin, Mr. Coffin very tight, You need to be somebody's memorial, you need to be somebody's something to fight for, somebody's masterpiece"


A Love Jawns playlist cover that says "Love Jawns Season 2 Two Stops Early, Ep.04 out now"

Two Stops Early

A Love Jawns podcast cover that says "Love Jawns Season 2 Some Very Important Chisme, Ep.03 out now"

Some Very Important Chisme

A Love Jawns podcast cover that says "Love Jawns, Season 2, How Do You Kill a Blank Page, Ep.02 out now"

How Do You Kill A Blank Page

A Love Jawns podcast cover that says "Love Jawns, Season 2, Ep.01, That's Another Whole Story, out now"

That's Another Whole Story

A Love Jawns podcast cover that says "Love Jawns, Ep.04, But They Still Livin' Tho, out now"

But They Still Livin' Tho

A Love Jawns podcast cover that says "And Church Was Everyday, Ep.03 out now"

And Church Was Everyday

A Love Jawns podcast cover that says "Love Jawns, a mixtape, Ep.o2, We Are the Enemies, out now"

We Are The Enemies

A Love Jawns podcast cover that says "LJAM, Love Jawns, A Mixtape" and has the Philadelphia Contemporary logo at the bottom

This Ain't No Sunny D Sh!t