Block Party in the Cut

breakdancer in the streets in front of a wall of speaker cabinets and crowd

Jean Shin: Freshwater

In an open air pier, bulbous glass vessels are suspended in the air from top to bottom. There are four rows of glass vessels, a few contain live mussels that are filtering water in real time. Below the suspended vessels is a shallow fountain basin filled with water trickling down from above, which has been filtered by the mussels. In the basin are pearl blankets in various mounds, the pearls range from snowy white pearlescent to the darker outer shell color of mussels. The pearl blankets were hand sewn and shimmer with each drop of water that comes into contact with them.

Water Marks: A Moment Without You

Bronze sculpture of small bird set against backdrop of Ben Franklin bridge

Healing Verse Poetry Line

woman smiling stands between two doors


a person holding several flowers and blowing some petals from their mouth

Welcome to Philadelphia Contemporary

Founded in 2016, Philadelphia Contemporary is a contemporary art organization whose mission is to connect the people and places of Philadelphia through art and partnership.

Youth Ambassador Program

Philadelphia Contemporary, in partnership with the Mantua Civic Association (MCA), is piloting a dynamic and multifaceted Youth Ambassador program. The program provides a hands-on approach of engaging youth ages 11-14 years old to work together in a meaningful way to shape their environment by utilizing the power of the arts. By harnessing the arts to address environmental justice on a personal level, the program also seeks to increase critical thinking skills and creative expressions.

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student volunteers in melon street park