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"We are only alive to the degree that we can let ourselves be moved."

- Lewis Hyde, The Gift: Creativity and the Artist in the Modern World

Philadelphia Contemporary was founded on the idea that art shouldn’t be confined to certain spaces, only accessible to some. Our goal is to push this idea further, challenging the very idea of what a museum, a gallery, an art space can be. 

From reimagining artistic practices to building a new space that seeks to expand the reach of art, Philadelphia Contemporary is fluid and dynamic, co-creating #artanywhere.

Founded as a nomadic arts organization in 2016 — we've harnessed the energy of public spaces along with local and international artists and creatives to brings a diverse set of Philadelphians together.  

We got our eye on the future, on being a powerful platform that champions new, unexpected and uncategorizable art forms; and we aim to build a center for contemporary art unlike any other in Philadelphia. We need your help to realize this vision.

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There are many ways to support PC. We appreciate your support in any amount, but monthly gifts are impactful and help us realize our vision for on-going free and accessible programming that will shape the city’s contemporary arts scene now and in the future. Dedicate your gift to someone or something that is meaningful to you.

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Reach out to our Director Advancement at to discuss more ways to support PC including: stock donations, corporate sponsorship, employer matching or individual giving.

Ways to give

The Creativity Fund

Your gift contributes to our Creativity Fund to support programs that don't fall neatly within foundation granting guidelines. Empower the visionary artists moving art forward. 


Corporate Sponsorship

Our Corporate Sponsorship program welcoming partnership from local businesses and national brands who align with our values. Sponsorship may include monetary support, product donation, or other resources.


We welcome in-kind supporters and volunteers looking to support our work. If you are an individual or have a company able to donate space, materials, or your time, please reach out.