Rising Wing

Rising Wing 2022 Cohort
Two seated Rising Wing members
Rising Wing members at a table filling out cards
Rising Wing 2022 Cohort
Rising Wing 2022 Cohort


Now spun off as thriving independent entity, this cohort is an intentional community of early-mid career artists, art lovers, and cultural practitioners dedicated to enhancing the cultural vitality of Philadelphia for all of its diverse residents. Rising Wing members have exclusive opportunities to meet artists, makers, and shakers and share their creative energy. The group gathers regularly, pools their resources, and collectively decides how they will align behind upcoming programs to expand outreach and deepen impact by activating their own networks and creativity.

The name and ethos of this group were influenced by adrienne maree brown’s groundbreaking work Emergent Strategy

brown offers: “Starlings. The synchronized movement patterns of a starling flocks is also known as a murmuration. Guided by simple rules, starling murmuration can react to their environment as a group without a central leader orchestrating their choices; in any instant, any part of the flock can transform the movement of the whole flock. Collective leadership/partnership. Adaptability.”


Please email RisingWingphl@gmail.com to learn more and discuss opportunities to join Rising Wing.

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Rising Wing 2022 Cohort

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Two people in the background and in the foreground chat

Rising Wing members share big ideas at their inaugural gathering in 2022. Photography by Daniel Jackson.