Abbot Adam: Matins/Lauds

Overnight with No Face Performance Group

Matins/Lauds is an intentional disruption of temporal rhythms, a performative practice that explores the creative potential of disorientation. Through a cycle of sleep, wakefulness, and creation, lasting from midnight to sunrise, the performers of No Face Performance Group explore the concept of devotion and commitment — to art, religion, or anything greater than oneself. Matins/Lauds is the latest overnight installment of Abbot Adam, an ongoing, multi-part performance series that uses the structure of medieval monasticism as a means of examining ideas about purity, dedication, and desire.

Each piece of Abbot Adam, which to date includes  Evensong, None, and Matins/Lauds, is named for the canonical hours laid out in the Liturgy of the Hours, a daily routine of Christian prayer that functions as the temporal spine of life within an abbey. The performances reflect the diverse emotional and thematic motives of the prayer which inspired the performers both in the form and content of the series, including strength and shelter from the evil, labor and leisure, disorientation and circadian rhythm. Throughout this body of work, No Face Performance Group interrogates the corollaries between artistic and monastic practice, and what it means to commit your life to something that is difficult, and often intangible.

No Face Performance Group, Abbot Adam: None, 2015. Image by Hallie Martinson.

No Face Performance Group is the collaborative project of founding members and co-artistic directors Jaime Maseda and Mark McCloughan. Working as a duo, and with a revolving group of associate artists, they make performances using a wide variety of processes and sources.

Jaime Maseda lives and works in Philadelphia. In addition to No Face Performance Group, he has also performed and collaborated with Pig Iron Theatre Company, Miguel Gutierrez, Melissa Krodman & Kelly Bond, Alex Torra, and George & Co. He most recently performed in the premieres of Abbot Adam: None at FringeArts in Philadelphia and THE TOP at JACK in Brooklyn.

Mark McCloughan is an artist and writer in New York, and has performed in all original works by No Face Performance Group. McCloughan has collaborated with other artists and companies, including Pig Iron Theatre Company, Team Sunshine Performance Corporation, New Paradise Laboratories, Gabrielle Revlock, Spencer Sheridan/Public Trust, Melissa Krodman & Kelly Bond, and Jenna Horton. His conceptual drag project Ms. Teena Geist has performed at venues around Philadelphia, including the Institute of Contemporary Art and Vox Populi.


No Face Performance Group, Documentation of Abbot Adam: None, 2015. Images by Jen Brown.


No Face Performance Group, Documentation of Abbot Adam: Evensong, 2015. Images by Jen Brown.


Abbot Adam:Matins/Lauds is kindly supported by The Barnes Foundation.